Verbal to Visual

Add sketchnoting to your creative toolkit.

Sketchnoting is a creative superpower.


Sketchnoting is a note-taking technique that taps into both the verbal and visual processing powers of your brain in a way that makes you a better learner, problem-solver, and storyteller.

We're here to help you build your sketchnoting skills and apply those skills to the work that you care about.

I'm Doug, your host.

After getting a Master of Arts in Teaching on my way to becoming a high school math, science, and EFL teacher, I got pulled into the world of visual thinking thanks to Sunni Brown's TED Talk about the power of doodling.

For the past decade I've been exploring the world of sketchnoting and developing educational materials for others who want to build and apply this creative toolset to their personal and professional life.

This is where sketchnoters flourish.

Ever since I left the world of traditional education and started teaching online, my goal has been to create a vibrant learning community that takes advantage of digital tools but also facilitates human connection.

What you'll find inside of Verbal to Visual is a blend of complete-at-your-own-pace courses (eight and counting) and monthly live workshops that provide you with everything need to take your sketchnoting skills as far as you'd like.

Built on top of the Mighty Networks platform, you'll be able to access all of our resources from any browser or by using the native iOS or Android app. 

What Members are Saying

Visual note-taking and brainstorming have revolutionized my writing life, leading to much better overview and clarity. With Doug's excellent teaching and generous support I have gained an agility between left and right brain and regeneration of creative energy.

- Miranda Morris

This is what a community of practice should be. It is focused on a shared purpose (the use of sketchnoting to communicate and facilitate ideas). It is well organized with interesting content and consistent opportunities to engage at different levels and in different ways. The people! The people are fascinating and inspiring and generous. They do such cool work across industries and around the world. Doug is very thoughtful and naturally helpful and is the perfect leader of the tribe. Get in here!

- Hunter Gatewood 

Sketchnoting has brought joy and playfulness back into the whole of my work, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Verbal to Visual! I'm encouraged and I'm inspired constantly by what's going on here. It does feel like I'm a part of something bigger, a community, so thank you for that.

- Stephanie Gorman

Ready to join us and start building your skills? Check out the plans below.

Hope to see you inside.